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The two main differences are fabric material & number of wings. illum's Organic Cotton Cloth Pads are made of 100% Organic Cotton to minimize exposure to harmful chemical residues and are in basic design with single set of wings. illum's Premium Bamboo Cloth Pads are made with Bamboo & Cotton mix fabric, where it combines the best of both worlds: all natural, super absorbent, and ultra soft. The design itself is unique where it has double set of wings, offering better coverage and protection.

illum's Organic Cotton Cloth Pads are made with organic cotton not only where it directly touches your skin but also the absorbing layers inside. No contact with residue of harmful chemicals or pesticides!

illum's Premium Bamboo Cloth Pads are made with 62% Bamboo + 38% Cotton mix for all layers touching your skin & the absorption layers. This unique fabric composition allows the pads to be more soft and absorbent at the same time.

The patterned layer for all cloth pads is made of 100% cotton material with a thin coating of TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethanes).

The snaps for illum's Cloth Pads are high quality plastic. Unlike some metal snaps out in the market, these plastic snaps minimize the chances of allergic reaction.

We have 7 different sizes for illum Cloth Pads: Thong Liner, Pantyliner, Long Liner, Regular Pad, Large Pad, Overnight and Overnight Plus.

Absorption levels will depend on the size you choose. They are similar to equivalent disposable pads out on the market.

Short Answer is NO! :)

It is really important to find an appropriate size for your flow & change the pads in time to prevent leakage. With a snug-fit, cotton underwear, illum Cloth Pads won't move around or cause leakage. You won't find any problem with our pads even during exercise and active sports when wearing with the perfect fit!

If you find illum's Organic Cotton Cloth Pads seem to shift around, try illum's Premium Bamboo Cloth Pads! The double wings design helps to keep that pad in place whatever underwear you wear!

Period won't be stinky at all when with illum Cloth Pads!

The smell will be different than the usual stink from disposable pads! Being made with only natural fibers, the smell will really be of just your blood & discharge. Then why did your period smell before? Well, with disposable pads, a chemical reaction and bacterial growth from blood & ingredients in the disposable pads meeting each other cause the odor. With cloth pads, just expect the smell when you last had a bloody nose!

Of course! Pads may fit well or be bit large for youths depending on the physique and initial flow. illum Cloth Pads up to the Regular size may be enough for the first few cycles. Pantyliners & Long Liners will be good for light flow days, and the Regular Pad may be large enough for nights.

Yes! Making sure that our products cause no harm to anyone is our utmost priority.

Yes! illum Cloth Pads are made with organic cotton and bamboo fibers, and all of the cotton fabric used in our pads are unbleached and undyed. They are truly toxic chemical-free and great for your body.

Yes! All of the materials used do not have any relationship to animals nor do we do animal testing!

illum Cloth Pads are made in South Korea under strict manufacturing control. They are made by the best seamstresses with fair wages and working conditions!


For heavier days, you can use Regular Pad during the day and Overnight or Overnight Plus during the night. And for lighter days, you can use Regular Pad during the day and night. Pantyliner is good for those with regular discharge. Number of pads used is about the same with disposables or sometimes less.

With disposables, you usually have to change them because of the smell or them being uncomfortable even when the pad is not full. However, with illum Cloth Pads, there is no odor and feels just like wearing your underwear, so there may be times when you don’t have to change as much as disposables.

Please keep in mind that everyone is different though. Your flow and comfort level may be different, so just consider this as a starting off point.

1. Place illum Cloth Pad over the inside of your underwear, pattern facing down. 

2. Fold the wings over the gusset of your underwear and fasten using the snaps.  

NOTE The organic cotton beige side / bamboo white side sits against your skin., and NOT the patterned side. Must wash and dry completely before first use. It is recommended that you change your pad every 4-5 hours. More or less often depending on the amount of flow you're experiencing.

1. Place used illum Cloth Pads under running cold water and rinse out discharge as much as possible.

2. Wash your used cloth pad with illum Probiotic Soap. Mix some illum Liquid Soap with water in cloth pad soaking container.

3. Soak your washed cloth pads for min. 6 hours. Change soap and water mixture every 24 hours if soaked longer.

4. Hand wash soaked pad in running water. Hang dry.

Reusable cloth pads are not limited to just home use like most people think.

If you want to completely switch to cloth pads and only rely on your own collection of illum Cloth Pads without going back to disposables, then using them as part of your everyday lifestyle is necessary.

In the morning, pack a pouch full of fresh cloth pads (you'll already be wearing one). As you go through the day, you'll need to change your cloth pad every 3-4 hours (less/more frequently depending on your flow).

Take off the used illum Cloth Pad, fold it and pop into the pouch/ wet bag. Grab a fresh new pad and snap onto your underwear and you're ready to go. DO NOT wash out your used pads in the public for hygienic reasons.

By the end of the day, you'll have a pouch full of used illum Cloth Pads that you'll take home to rinse and wash thoroughly before soaking them.

Don’t pile up the pads too long without a good rinse beforehand! Give your used pad a good rinse under cold water while rubbing the surface right after changing to a new pad. Once the bloody water stops, you may use detergent/soap to lather and then soak. It’s important to rinse the pads completely at the last stage of washing. Stain removers will be a wonderful choice if you want the exceptional stain-free status.

NOTE:Never use hydrogen peroxide! Without proper concentration, it would reduce the lifespan of the pads themselves and the coating inside the pads. If you'd like the most natural option as possible, you can use little bit of baking soda as a stain remover.