July 21, 2021 2 min read

As resilient and self-cleaning as the vagina may be, this amazing body part still needs TLC. Follow these essential steps towards better vaginal health and get ready to feel the positive difference! 


1.Take Care of Hair Down There 

Whether it’s better to trim, go hairless, or go natural, the debate just continues to rage on. Ultimately, you need to make a choice that’s best foryou.

Going with less hair down there means less trapped sweat, sebum, menstrual blood, and bacteria. This can minimize the chances of infections and give you better vaginal health. On the other hand, having more hair provides cushion and protection from friction. 

Whichever you choose, the key takeaway is to have hygiene practices that match your lady garden.

2. Cleanse Appropriately (No Douching!) 

The vagina is a self-cleaning organ that needs a balance of good bacteria. Douching can devastate this balance, so avoid this at all costs. The external vulva, however, does need a regular cleanse. If you’ve been looking for the best feminine wash for odour and sensitive skin, make sure to use a natural intimate wash that will help maintain balance like Vsoap, or its portable counterpart, Vmist

3. Need to Wipe? Do it Front to Back 

Always remember to wipe from front to back. By doing so, you reduce the chances of rectal bacteria or fecal matter coming in contact with your vagina and causing an infection.  

4. Practice Hygienic Sex

Plenty of issues in vaginal health come from unhygienic sexual practices. As a general rule, it’s better for both partners to be clean before engaging in sexual activities. Cleansing afterwards is also advisable. Lastly, anything that touches the rectum must be kept away from the vagina!

5. Avoid Toxic Period Products 

Use non-toxic period products like illum’s reusable organic cotton pads. Typically, disposable products carry harsh chemicals that are bad for overall vaginal health.  

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