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Whether you’ve just discovered reusable menstrual pads or you’ve been using them for a long time, you might be wondering how you will introduce the idea to your teenage kid. Perhaps it was easy to talk to your friends about the numerous benefits of using cloth pads - in terms of health, savings, and the environment. Maybe some even went on board with the idea right away. After all, most adults would care about most (if not all) of those things. But would teenagers care about the same things?

Moreover, what about peer pressure? Because reusable cloth pads for teens are not seen as “mainstream” and are probably not used by their friends, how would you convince your teen that going against the norm is absolutely worth it? 

As the parent or guardian of your teenager, you would definitely know her best. And for sure, you already have great ideas on how to break the ice and start a discussion about reusable cloth pads. But if you’re reading this article, you might still have some questions or perhaps you’d like to refine your approach. Well then, you’re definitely in the right place - so, welcome! 

This article covers vital tips on how to effectively introduce your teen to reusable menstrual pads. Let’s get started! 

A reusable cloth pads clipped on to underwear

1. Help Your Teen/Tween Be Prepared Early 

Even if your tween or young teen still hasn’t had her first period, it’s never too early to open up a conversation about it. This topic is no doubt a sensitive one - and one you want to handle with grace - but reassuring your child thatmenstruation is normal and nothing to be ashamed of can help to prepare them mentally for the day that it happens.

Neutrality towards menstruation is advisable, taking care to not insinuate that menstruation is a passage to “womanhood” or to “growing up” - as this can cause confusion or dread in a child who may not be ready for that. 

Apart from the mental preparation, having a talk about what to do is beneficial. It will help to save your child from the negative scenarios that can arise if she is not prepared for when her period starts. This early talk is also a wonderful opportunity to talk about reusable cloth pads for teens as one of the best options to manage periods.  

2. Reframe The Benefits of Using Cloth Pads 

At the end of the day, using cloth pads should still be your teen’s choice. If you need inspiration on what to highlight aboutreusable cloth pads, here are some ideas to get you started:

Locked-On Flexibility + More Absorption = Fewer Leakage Worries 

There are reusable pad options that are made of 100% cotton - one of the most absorbent types of cloth out there. It does not have a plastic layer like most disposable pads do so menstrual blood is absorbed much quicker. Partner this with a waterproof TPU coating on the outermost layer, secure snaps that lock on the underwear, and the flexibility of the fabric itself and what do you get? You get upgraded protection against leaks. And this means more freedom to do various activities and sleep in comfortable positions - without worrying.  

Protection against leaks is important for all young girls - as it is with older women. Nobody likes to wake up to stained sheets. Nobody wants to be caught in public with a stain. As much as we encourage freedom from shame about menstruation, these are still unpleasant experiences that we’d all rather avoid. 

Less Moisture and More Comfort 

Another thing that can appeal to your teen is the unparalleled soft comfort that only 100% cotton reusable pads can give. Cotton is gentle on the skin and allows breathability. This means less sweat and moisture is locked in - so no more of the sticky uncomfortable feeling that disposable pads tend to give. 

Unlike disposable pads, quality reusable menstrual pads also don’t lump up after long sitting times. Additionally, reusable menstrual pads do not contain any harmful chemicals that can cause irritations - unlike most disposable pads in the market. 

Helping Mother Earth 

To a lot of tweens and teens, the idea of contributing positively to the environment is a cause for joy. You can tell your kid about the environmental impact that disposable pads and tampons have. These products do not completely biodegrade for500 - 800 years - that’s horrific for anyone of any age to find out. 

On the flipside, reusable cotton pads can be used for years before they need to be thrown away. And once they are thrown away, they will fully degrade after 3-5 years. This saves years’ worth of pads from ending up in the landfill or in the oceans.  

Future Savings 

For older teens, the idea of future savings can be appealing. You can tell them that once they are earning their own money, they can potentiallysave hundreds of dollars by sticking to reusable cotton pads.

A Wide Range of Designs 

Reusable cotton pads come in all kinds of patterns. This is appealing to teens and adult people alike - so if all else fails or you just need one more thing to sweeten the deal, show your teen these beautiful patterns and maybe even the comfortable sizing options available. 

Assortment of reusable cotton pads

3. Be Prepared For Questions 

Remember to be patient with any questions that your teen may have. You can check out ourFAQ page to see some of the most commonly asked questions and how to answer them. 

4. Allow For Freedom of Choice 

At the end of the day, your teen should have the freedom to choose which menstrual products she will use. So encourage your teen to try out reusable cotton pads as well as other disposable options - then let her decide. 

5. Consider Menstrual Cups 

Some teens may not take well to things like possible staining on the pads or needing to carry reusable pads in waterproof bags when changing in public. If this sounds like your teen, you can introduce menstrual cups. These can be used with reusable cotton pads wherein the pads will serve as the failsafe.

6. Choose an Ethical and Trusted Brand 

When it comes to reusable menstrual pads, we are the number one choice in Canada, the United States, and various countries all over the world! Each reusable menstrual pad made we make has layers and layers of undyed, unbleached, Certified Organic Cotton. 100% cotton from the layer touching the skin to even the outer printed cotton layer that has TPU coating. This is how we ensure unparalleled comfort and maximum absorbency. 

We’ve also made various sizes of reusable menstrual pads to accommodate all types of flows and uses - fromthong pads toovernight plus pads - we have everything. Oh, and did we mention the cute prints on each pad? You’re bound to find something that suits anyone of any age.  

So if you’re currently looking for the best reusable cotton pads for your teen, look no further because we got you covered! See what’s available right now in ourstore.

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