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August 11, 2021 4 min read

In some parts of the world, schools are gradually reopening. It’s an exciting time for many; yet it also means letting go of the comforts and conveniences of homeschooling and transitioning back to in-person learning. 

The first day of school is best faced with preparedness. Though there may be some apprehension and anxiety about being back in class, equipping yourself with the essentials is sure to help ease the mind. 

So, for all the teenagers out there, or parents of teenagers who want to help their kids feel as comfortable as possible with going back to school, we’ve put together a comprehensive checklist of essentials for high school girls.  

Let’s begin! 

1. The Right Backpack 

At the top of any back to school checklist is the perfect backpack. It’s the quintessential school bag for a reason. It distributes weight well, can hold and sort a vast number of items, and it comes in many cute designs! 

It’s fair to say that backpacks will never go out of style. But beyond aesthetics, make sure to pick a backpack that will be comfortable to wear and has enough space for everything you need, including your period kit.    

a group of teenage girls reading books

2. A Tumbler That Can Hold Around 1000ml 

Okay, you might be wondering: of all numbers, why 1000ml? Well, the answer is: because it’s about half of the daily recommended quantity of water to drink for females. 

Coming to school with 1000ml of water is a great way to make sure that you are hydrated adequately. This is assuming you spend about half of your day in school; more hours (and more physical activity) equals more refills.

 Hydration leads to better health, lighter moods, optimal cognitive capacity, softer skin, and so much more. So drink up! 

3. A Cute and Convenient Lunch Box 

Will you be bringing packed lunches to school? Considering that the pandemic was just in full swing, many people are now considering this to be an important COVID-19 safety measure

Besides, having delicious home-cooked food can really brighten up your day! For anyone who might miss the comforts of home upon re-entering school will find that a nicely packed lunch is a good bit of comfort to have.

If you don’t have one already, consider looking for a cute, spill-proof, and adequately compartmentalized lunch box. It will be a worthwhile upgrade from paper bags.   

4. Spare Clothes in Your Locker 

We recommend that you keep a pair of spare clothes in your locker just in case of emergencies. The need for a change of clothes could be caused by the following situations:

  • Accidental lunch spills;
  • A mishap during art class;
  • Being caught outside when the rain suddenly pours; or
  • Getting a period unexpectedly!

If you have an extra set of gym clothes and a small towel, you can store them as well so that you’re fully prepared for anything!

A group of high school students around a locker

5. A Waterproof Bag, Toiletries, and Period Supplies  

Make sure to have a waterproof bag that you can comfortably bring with you to the shower room or to the restroom whenever needed. These are a few items to include on your back to school checklist for general hygiene:

  • Soap or shower gel;
  • Deodorant;
  • Hand sanitizer;
  • Wet wipes; and
  • On-the-go tissues. 

A few extra items to prepare for managing periods include:

6. Period Underwear for “Those Days” 

If you experience heavy flows or are just particularly worried about spotting or getting leaks while at school, leak-proof underwear should be on your back to school checklist. These can work as a backup with any period product that you typically choose. 

Illum’s leak-proof underwear even has a tunnel design that prevents pads from twisting or moving around, along with absorptive protective fabric in the leak-prone areas. For more innovative, healthy, and eco-friendly period management products, check out Illum’s shop! 

a backpack filled with back to school checklist items

7. Labelled Pens, Markers, Highlighters, and Pencils 

“Psst – can I borrow a pen?” is such a prevalent line in high school-themed media because it’s a painfully common situation. We’ve all said this at one point or another. But the worst possible time for this to happen is during an exam with a strict teacher and with nobody nearby to help. Gulp. 

Not to worry! With a full arsenal of pens, markers, pencils, and other writing tools on your back to school checklist, you will never be caught unprepared. 

Because writing tools are the most commonly borrowed items in high school, you could consider labelling yours. Some classmates may want to return your pen but have forgotten it’s yours, probably due to the pressure of an onlooking professor. So, for all things as common and precious as pens and pencils, label accordingly! 

8. Binder Paper, Folders, Envelopes, and a Stapler 

A locker is a high school student’s mini-home away from home. Therefore, in the spirit of readiness, you can fill this valuable space with school supplies that you might suddenly need. 

Binder paper is also at the top of the back to school checklist. This way, you won’t need to go through the hassle of writing notes on scrap pieces of paper and then have to transfer it to your binder later on.

As for folders, envelopes, and a stapler, these are pretty standard items to include that will surely be necessary to keep you organized and well-prepared for the school year ahead.      

Be Back to School Ready 

That wraps up our back to school checklist for teenage girls. Whether you are excited or nervous about school returning, just keep in mind that preparation is the first step to a fun experience. To be worry-free even during your periods, you can always count on Illum to help you through it with our extensive line of sustainable products!

Good luck and stay safe!

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