Clean Kit

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This Clean Kit has everything you need to get starting cleaning & caring for your illum Cloth Pads! Comes with our famous Probiotic Laundry Soap, illum Cloth Pad Liquid Soap, 100% Sodium Percarbonate Stain Remover, and our handy dandy Drying Straps! 

Comes with :

01 - Probiotic Soap
  |  01 - Drying Strap  |  01 - Liquid Cloth Pad Soap  |  01 - Stain Remover Sodium Percarbonate 

1. Wash your used cloth pad with illum Probiotic Soap. Sprinkle on some illum Stain Remover on areas with tough stains.
2. Mix some illum Liquid Soap with water in cloth pad soaking container
3.Soak your washed cloth pads for min. 6 hours. Change soap & water mixture every 24 hours if soaked longer
4. Take out cloth pad and wash with water
5. Hang to dry


Vegetable Oil (Soybean, Corn, Palm, Olive, Canola), Sodium Hydroxide, EM (Effective Microorganisms), Water, Bamboo Vinegar


Water, Vegetable Oil (Soybean, Corn, Palm, Olive, Canola), Sodium Laurate, Peppermint, Citric Acid


Sodium Percarbonate


illum's Laundry Collection is all you need to clean your Cloth Pads and keep them fresh!
Made with natural ingredients, all of our soaps are safe to use for yourself and the environment.


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